InBalance Leaders.
For the executives of today and tomorrow.

Create, rediscover or stimulate your leadership qualities
  • Increase the effectiveness of your leadership capabilities.
  • Work preventively on the prevention of stress and/or turnover.
  • Optimize the return on your human capital.


The coaching process is intensive and lasts a month, with daily interactions of approximately 15–20 minutes, and is aimed at directly increasing personal effectiveness.


The daily coaching is systematic. Answers, tips, experiences at work, and advice from the coach are all documented and immediately applicable at work.


Online coaching allows the participant to express themselves more freely and confidentially than during a face-to-face meeting. It is close but never too close.

How does InBalance Leaders work?

In the InBalance Leaders program, CEOs, executives and managers develop a different perspective on themselves and how they deal with their own leadership qualities. InBalance Leaders makes leaders aware of their behavior, skills, and how to develop them effectively. This also goes for their limitations and the consequences these have. Often, this awareness is an incentive to take responsibility for one’s own actions. This not only creates openness but also positively advances the leader’s career.

Business interest
A good leader can inspire people with vision and charisma. They know how to support employees and realize projects. It is important that they can motivate their people because the company has to move forward. To achieve their goals, insight is needed into personal leadership qualities and good communication. With InBalance Leaders, the business coach focuses on problems and issues and immediately looks for solutions to achieve the goals that were set at the beginning.

Corporate culture
In pursuit of their business and personal goals, leaders face issues that need to be resolved. The way this is done has everything to do with the corporate culture. This culture includes values that a company attaches to its people and standards in relation to products and services provided. Ultimately, the quality of products and services depends on the combination of good leadership, effective communication, and a positive, supportive corporate culture. And our company coach never loses sight of that.

Consultant and Leadership Coach Anita Lotterman is happy to tell you more about deploying InBalance Leaders at companies and organizations. Please contact her using the following form or call +31 6 26 03 04 72.