InBalance FlexibilityScan

Scan, understand, and strengthen yourself and your team in 5 days with the InBalanceFlexiblityScan, our ResilienceMonitor.
  • The online ResilienceMonitor shows the resilience of you and the team in five days.
  • The active feedback from the business coach provides everyone with workable insights.
  • Together we will make the factors visible that determine the resilience in your organization.


The ResilienceMonitor is practice-based and measures the resilience of employees.


Active feedback provides everyone with relevant insights to use their own potential for commitment, resilience, and well-being.


Focus and strengthen your teams on an individual and organizational level — from line to (team) leader — by optimally applying new insights.

How does the InBalanceFlexibilityScan work?

Your employees determine the strength of the organization as a whole: after all, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Coaching for companies and our online ResilienceMonitor gives you clear insight into the strengths of each individual employee.

For the duration of a week, a business coach will measure and monitor the strength of your team and the dynamics of your corporate culture. In this way, we reveal the factors that determine the resilience in your organization. You can take action with these clear insights.

"Using the Resilience Monitor provided clarity about our strengths and weaknesses."

With the InBalanceFlexibilityScan, you will discover how you can optimize the dynamics within your organization. The ResilienceMonitor provides insight into the strengths and areas for improvement of your team(s) and teaches employees how to interact with colleagues or clients. In other words: insights that determine the effectiveness of their work. That’s why all participants receive immediate feedback on their personal insights into work situations.

"Because of the new insight into my way of acting, I now know how things can be done differently."

Resilience is always there, and it continuously affects corporate culture. By engaging in monitoring on a regular basis, you can see whether the resilience is changing. With the ResilienceMonitor, you will learn what the success factors are for making quick adjustments with, for example, incentive programs.

Strengthening the dynamics in your company will already have an effect when you share the results achieved by the ResilienceMonitor with your employees and colleagues. This feedback also gives you the tools to build upon the successes you have achieved.

Recruit and retain
With the results of the ResilienceMonitor, you will strengthen the engagement within your teams, and moreover, you will make your company distinguishable for future employees. Above all, you will show your own energy and commitment, which provides colleagues a greater sense of satisfaction. After all, the personal development and broad awareness of your teams contribute to the success of the entire organization.