Performance is always improved when people believe in themselves

Do employees help the company grow
– or do they hinder growth?

The InBalance method

Online guidance and coaching to enable people, departments, and organizations to perform optimally.

The InBalance method stimulates employees to bring out the best in themselves (once again). By asking relevant questions as a business coach, they gain more insights and become aware of their potential. And this always leads to more job satisfaction. Often within just a few days.

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InBalance 30

Rediscover your talents in one month with daily personal guidance from a company coach.
Sometimes people get stuck at work. How come? The cause is different for everyone. What is more important is that someone — with our personal guidance — looks for solutions. The focus lies in discovering ingrained pitfalls and finding new insights so that employees can quickly regain personal satisfaction from their work.


Coaching for companies: scan, understand, and strengthen yourself and your team in 5 days.
A department or team within a company forms a force field in and of itself. At some point, you will realize that the forces can be “synchronized.” A good manager does not do this alone, but with the whole team. After all, success is achieved together.


Create, rediscover or stimulate your leadership qualities.
Good leadership provides new insights.It can help you to remain a good leader — that is, if you apply the new insights. After all, the dynamics in a company require you to look into a mirror from time to time. And do not forget to look to the people you manage. This ultimately ensures that your employees feel a sense of recognition.

InBalance 30

Proven Effective.

InBalance 30, a combination of efficient coaching software and personal guidance by a business coach, is a proven effective approach: 95% of participants achieve positive results within just 30 days.