InBalance 30 allows you to (re)discover your talents and job satisfaction

InBalance’s business coach is not someone who is going to tell you what to do best. We think it is essential that you find out for yourself. With the scientifically based InBalance 30, you will find your solutions, and by answering questions every day, you will (re)discover your talents and pitfalls.

If you think about how much time in your life you spend working, we can only draw one conclusion: make sure you enjoy it. This will also help you feel better outside of working hours.

Still, for some people, at some point, something feels “not right.” Job satisfaction disappears, and the job becomes a burden. Changing work environments is not always the right solution. It is better to see what you yourself can do to change the situation.

We help you to apply all the insights in a practical manner so that you will soon enjoy your work again. In 95% of the cases, this is achieved within just 30 days!

The InBalance 30 program takes only about 15 minutes every day, and it is fun to do. Do you have questions about our program? Feel free to send us a message.