With InBalance 30, clients will experience your coaching qualities even more intensively.

You will help them to quickly increase their insights and (re)discover their talents, with job satisfaction as a result.
  • scientifically based coaching program
  • optimizes the return on human capital
  • further developed on the basis of the Fight, Flight, Freeze theory and Socratic dialogue
  • 95% of clients achieve positive results within 30 days
  • can also be applied to leaders/managers and teams/departments

In 30 days, people will be guided to more self-awareness.

With InBalance 30, you can help them listen to themselves, make contact with their emotions and develop a positive attitude. Thanks to this online program, clients achieve positive results within a month in 95% of the cases, in combination with face-to-face contact

You will have noticed that there are also people among your clients who get caught up in their thoughts and emotions. Or people who are not even able to get to their emotions at all. As a result, they often come into conflict with the environment and especially with themselves.

This means you as a coach will also achieve quick results with InBalance 30. The structured methodology supports you in guiding your clients, and the online platform gives you a good overview of their progress. InBalance 30 also generates an extensive final report for each client with graphs and results, including your own comments and advice.

Some of the benefits of the InBalance methodology for coaches
  • There is a good overview of your clients’ daily progress during one month that you provide guidance via the website.
  • The structure of the methodology supports the coach. This reduces the coach’s workload.
  • Each day the participant is faced with cases at work.
  • Through the program, these cases provide the participant with direct insight and guidance.
  • The participant gets a better handle on himself quickly.
  • Every day, the program presents new case studies.
  • Giving the participant daily guidance even when the coach is offline.

As a coach, you can achieve results with InBalance 30 quickly.

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