InBalance 30

Rediscover your talents within one month with daily online personal guidance.
  • With intensive (daily) personal online guidance by a company coach, the employee finds practical solutions in a short period of 30 days.
  • The focus lies on achievable goals: more self-knowledge and better utilization of qualities.
  • The employee finds new insights and learns to put them into practice with more effective behavior.
  • The result: more resilience and higher job satisfaction.


Concentrate on solutions for the employee.


Positive results within four weeks.


Gain new insights under the guidance of an experienced business coach.

How does InBalance 30 work?

The InBalance program offers developmental coaching based on cognitive psychology. We work with a clear structure in which the participant receives guidance on a daily basis over the course of four weeks, with a tight focus on positive results. It is easy to combine with daily work because the process takes only about 15 to 20 minutes every day. InBalance is also recommended for burnout counseling. A clear, step-by-step approach is a good option in such a case.

The start
We will first look at where the challenge lies. The company coach does this with an intake interview, at your place of work, or through a video call. Is it only work-related, or should we also seek it on a personal level? After this conversation, the participant will have a clear picture of the coaching goals and how he or she can develop themselves further. This allows one to become aware of ingrained pitfalls in one month’s time and to focus on solutions. This, of course, with a new and practical approach to avoid the old pitfalls in the future.

An assignment every day
During the structured program, the participant will answer questions — case studies — on a daily basis about his or her work experience. We provide immediate feedback on this. This is informative and provides relevant and workable insights. In this way, the program has an immediate positive effect. Safety and privacy are paramount, so this is done via a private and secure website.

Personal story
We don’t just ask questions. It is equally important to hear — in their own words — how someone experiences their day. We call this the PersonalStory. We regularly find recurring problems in them, of which the participant is often not even aware. This makes the PersonalStory an essential part of InBalance 30. The participant gains insight into the effects that his or her problem has on colleagues, the work environment, and especially on themselves. Just like in the entire process, everyone chooses the best time and the right place to quietly work on their PersonalStory.

Every participant eventually runs into this during the InBalance program: the moment of realization (aha!). New insights arise through intense daily contact and trust in the coach. Insights about the problem and about the solutions. And this always ensures a breakthrough at some point in the four-week period.

In-between evaluations
After two weeks of online coaching, a lot has already happened, and the participant can already recognize the most important points. The employee discusses this with the coach in a video conversation, after which they come up with an agreement together for the continuation of the program.

After four weeks, the participant will have gained a good insight into work and private matters— through the cases and advice — that are important to him or her. We then provide a few clear guidelines for a future filled with job satisfaction. We supplement this with an overview of the trajectory in summaries and graphs.