InBalance 30 increases the performance of your employees

With InBalance 30 your people discover the solutions themselves. The value of one’s insights is much greater than putting forward points of view or thoughts. That is the great strength of InBalance 30: our company coach guides, your employee discovers. In 95% of cases, this leads to positive results within 30 days.

People are the most important asset of any organization. Quite the challenge because even when you hire only professionals who have earned their spurs, everyone is different. Thus, everyone reacts differently to situations, both at work and in private.

This can cause situations in which some of them begin functioning less well. It could also be that someone just needs to “get moving” — that he or she has been in the same place for too long, for example. In cases like these, you will have to intervene or prevent someone from losing steam or — even worse — burning out.

InBalance 30 is a scientifically based online program developed by clinical psychologist Yael Schrijver. Based on the philosophy of the Socratic dialogue, we ask the employee questions every day. With the aid of the answers, one subsequently (re)discovers his or her talents and pitfalls.

We help to apply valuable insights so that people will come to enjoy their work again. In 95% of cases, this is achieved within 30 days. Letting people discover the solutions themselves is the strength of InBalance 30 — the value of their own insights is much greater than bringing up viewpoints or thoughts. In short, our company coach guides your employees’ self-discovery.

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