"If you want to go fast, you have to do it alone. If you want to go far, you have to do it together."

- African saying

Yael Schrijver – pragmatic scientific psychologist.
Works from “Know your essence and limit yourself to it.”

Hian Oey – coach. Inspire people to develop their full potential!

We get the best out of people

The InBalance team believes and knows that every person has unique talents. And if you use your talents in the right way, it will bring you happiness. Now people regularly run into factors that hinder them in their work. How you respond to this determines your performance and thus your future within the organization.

Knowledge about yourself and your environment ensures that ignorance has little or no effect on you.

That’s why we put your integrity first. After all, just pointing the finger, grumbling, or even making negative comments does not bring the solution any closer. Fortunately, knowledge about yourself (and colleagues) can be gained so that ego-tripping is converted into cooperation, and disapproval becomes encouragement.

You will come to understand how more knowledge about yourself leads to greater contentment with yourself and what you do. The result? Job satisfaction, every day again!

In short: we use our knowledge, including online guidance programs developed by us, to make everyone aware of their potential and to ensure that they put it to use, bringing purpose, resourcefulness, and creativity so that everyone also enjoys the journey there.