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Measure, understand and strengthen your team​

Employees perform better through MYCS InBalance online guidance in companies such as:

"A nice gift from my boss." - Sabine


"I learned a lot in a short time." - Ronny

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Through the combined use of daily personal guidance and a thorough online coaching program of one month: InBalance​

Special versions of MYCS InBalance​

"Get a fresh view, discover yourself - your strengths and weaknesses -
and enjoy your work again" 

The results of InBalance​

  • Focus on more self-knowledge - ensures better use of your qualities - with more lasting job satisfaction as a result.
  • Be proficient in putting more effective behaviour into practice.
  • Achieving optimal results in only one month


  • Intensive daily online guidance for four weeks.
  • Establishing feasible coaching goals.
  •  The daily contacts are pre-structured through means of online cases. 
  • The online process is combined with three regular face2face talks of 90 minutes.
  • At the end of the program there will be a final discussion about the new insights ("aha moments"), achieved coaching goals and a personal final report.


How does the InBalance online coaching work?​


-  Sales Learning & Development program according to 70:20:10


-  Careful analysis with a coaching program that structurally improves the Mind set of the Sales organization within 6 weeks.


-  A detailed overview of the development potential of your sales organization, both at individual and departmental level.

For salesteams

Meet-Understand-Strengthen yourself and your team​

InTouch Resilience Monitor​

  The 5-day online monitor reflects on the resilience of the individual and of the team.


  Active feedback gives employees workable insights..


 The factors that determine the degree of resilience in your organization are clearly made visible.

Korsakov Knowledge test


  Increase the effectiveness of managers.


  Working preventatively to avoid stress and turnover.


  Optimize the efficiency of Human Capital.


  Sales Learning & Development programma volgens 70:20:10


  Zorgvuldige analyse met een coachprogramma dat binnen 6 weken de Mindset van de Sales organisatie structureel verbetert.


  Een gedetailleerd overzicht van het ontwikkelpotentieel van uw sales organisatie.

In healthcare

Korsakov Knowledge​

  • New employees, students and interns, as well as upcoming Healthcare Professionals, can test their ready knowledge online
  • Direct feedback from the mentor. 
  • Valuable addition to the existing teaching material.


for leaders



for teams


for sales teams

Knowledge test

in healthcare

For managers​




online  begeleiding coaching

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