Being -and staying- successful in the organization​

See what the resilience of employees is by using the hands-on online program InTouch Resilience Monitor.



Active feedback gives employees workable insights to intensify the personal potential of commitment, resilience and well-being.

Focus and strengthen your teams on an individual and organizational level - from line to (team) leader - by optimally applying new insights.

 "The use of the Resilience Monitor provided clarity about our strengths and weaknesses."





"Because of the new insight about my way of acting, I now know how things can be done differently."


Stimulate and strengthen the talent in your teams.
Distinguish your company for future employees. 

Attract and retain talent



The strength - resilience - of the individual employee will co-determine the strength of the organization as a whole. 'The chain is as strong as its weakest link'. Measuring and monitoring resilience provides insight into the strength of the team and the dynamics of the whole - your corporate culture.

Measuring results

Factors that determine the degree of resilience in your organization are clearly made visible.

Measuring insights

Tailor-made measurement


Resilience measurements specifically aimed at your organization give you flexibility in the focus on factors that matter to you.

Measure, understand and strengthen your team

The online InTouch Resilience Monitor displays the results of the resilience of the team over a period of one week.

The guidance of MYCS, a hybrid combination of efficient coaching software and personal guidance, is a proven effective approach with 95% of the participants achieving positive results.

Get insight into how you as an employee deal with your colleagues or clients. Your insights determine the effectiveness of your work.

MYCS InFocus

The basis of your strength as a leader is knowledge about your personal leadership qualities and especially how you can optimize them.

MYCS InCharge

The participant in this program receives direct feedback of his personal insights in work situations.

MYCS InBalance

In order to understand how the cultural dynamics in your organization can be optimized, our software programs and guidance provide insight into the strengths and improvement points of the teams.








Resilience in an organization is dynamic. She always influences your corporate culture. Stay constantly informed about how your resilience changes through regular monitoring. Know the factors with which you can optimize successes and develop your own incentive programs.

Share the results with your employees

Strengthening resilience - the dynamics of your company - will be intensified by allowing your employees and colleagues to share in the results.

Continue with your results


Feedback from employees on the results achieved gives you guidelines for deepening success in specific areas.


Stimulus programs such as workshops and master classes can refine the strength and focus of your organization.

Active personal development and broad awareness of your teams contributes to your success as an organization. 



Invest in the resilience of your organization to strengthen the involvement of employees. Show your own commitment to their sense of well-being and happiness. 




Strengthen your company culture




Optimize your resilience


yourself and your team

Improve insight into your corporate culture with the online
InTouch Resilience Monitor.​










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