The advantages of online coaching​

Coaching for organizations and team members who want to perform optimally​





Participants choose the moment that suits them best to do the cases and the OwnStory. Choosing the right time on a daily basis, and a location that works best, contributes to carefully executing the cases.



Due to the carefulness in daily contact with experienced coaches, new insights are created on the subject / problem. Usually the breakthrough occurs at the end of the second week; an "aha moment".



After the personal introduction during the intake interview, there will be an interim evaluation between the coach and participant two weeks later. Face-to-face attention can then be given to points that emerged during the online coaching.



The daily cases are processed in summaries and graphs. The cases and advice give the participant insight into a number of work-related matters. During the personal interview to conclude this short coaching period, the participant will receive a number of clearly defined guidelines for the future.



After four weeks, the intensive coaching results in greater resilience and being able to function with greater pleasure both at work and privately.

Achieve positive results in four weeks


on solutions

Acquire new insights with experienced coaches



During the intake interview, the participant indicates the counselling goals. This information is discussed and analysed in a dialogue, in order to find out together where the issues at work stem from.  During the coaching we help the participant to become aware of entrenched pitfalls and to then concentrate on solutions. With this, the participant learns a new, workable approach in order to avoid 'old' pitfalls in the future.



The participant makes daily "scans" via a private and secure website, cases that deal with his work experience and vision. Direct feedback on these provides workable insights.


Online begeleiding

In addition to the cases, the participant shares a daily message - the "Own Story" - the daily experience, with the usually recurring problem. The "Own Story" is an essential part of the process. In dialogue with the coach, the participant gains insight into the effects that the problem has on colleagues, on the participant and on the work environment.


Intensive training

It is eleven o'clock in the evening of Saturday, August 13, 2016, in Rio de Janeiro, when Michael Phelps wins a gold medal for the American swimming team. It is his 23rd! In four Olympic Games, the last in Rio de Janeiro, Michael Phelps won 23 gold medals! He won 83 medals throughout his career. How did he do that?

By swimming six hours a day and six days a week!



Intensive coaching

In the coaching with the InBalance method we guide your employee to his "Olympic Gold in the Workplace”, by guiding him daily for four weeks to achieve positive results.

During that time, a personal intake will also take place at the workplace, an interim evaluation and a final interview. The participant will be working daily on the course for about 15 to 20 minutes.



online  begeleiding coaching

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